08 Alb On Fire

Alb on Fire | Conference in Germany
So happy I had the opportunity and honor to speak at this conference in Hülben and to see so many young people set on fire to impact Germany with the love of Jesus. A young guy told me: „thank you!, I am no longer afraid of sharing the Gospel and praying for people!“. Praise God!

Party in Leipzig

Leipzig: Jesus set the Party!
During a worship meeting in Leipzig (Germany) I noticed some people were outside because right across our building there was a huge party. I approached and heard them say quite ugly things about God. I asked them to have a conversation with me and my friends that came along. We had great conversations and several received prayer. As I prayed for a man God showed me this man didn’t have the job he wanted. I told him and he confessed he wanted to be a song writer. So I prayed for God to give him courage and inspiration. He said he had to his party and I asked him to bring me along.  He said the party is his company’s christmas celebration and only workers could go in. Peter and I tried to walk in the party to continue speaking to people there but the security guys at the door didn’t allow us to come in. We walked out and asked God to get us in. Next thing, a car stopped in front of the place… it was the DJ with all his equipment. Peter and I looked at each other and: „DJ, do you need some help carrying your things inside?“ – Sure!, he replied :) We grabbed some stands and boxes and went in, met the people we had prayed for outside. They were shocked we got in. It’s just amazing what God can do through you when you are alert and willing to take risks!

10 Kansas Drag Show

Drag Show in Topeka, Kansas
When I walked in a living room with 2 pastors and other friends I had no idea we’d decide Leah and I would join her friends at a drag show. We didn’t know what to expect. By the end of the night we had had many conversations, Leah made new friends, I shared the Gospel with several people, we listened to some many life stories and were able to share what God allowed us to. I’m thankful for the opportunity of being there.

10 Atlanta

School of Missions in Atlanta
Caitlin did great coordinating speaking engagements in Atlanta. This one was at the Adventures in Missions center.  I had the privilege of speaking to the interns and some staff, young people with a great heart for God and desire to support this mission’s work around the world. It was a great experience.

10 Houston

Prayer Service in Houston

10 Kansas

Everybody has a story to tell
This man came out of jail after many years to find out that his 19-year-old son was shot and killed. He looked very tough but once we talked and prayed together, God revealed the cry of his heart in need of healing.
11 Party Zone Barcelona

Sharing the Gospel at the Party Zone in Barcelona

12 Broken Car

The car

It was a gift of God and I have really used it :) – For the past 2 years this car has taken me and others for misisons to many cities in Spain, France, Holland, Switzerland, Germany and Poland! Unfortunately the car is visiting the mechanic once or twice per month. This is consuming a lot of time and interfeering with my planned ministry trips.

Casa de Oracion Agosto 2015 a

House of prayer of Barcelona


Homeless outreach in Barcelona


Transit team in Barcelona

These precious missionaries joined us on the streets to share with the homeless, eat with them and distribute clothes. We had the opportunity to pray with many people and to see God work. Praise God!

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