Saetas Dream

Saetas started after a dream I had in July 2007. In that dream saw a woman dressed on shiny white. Half her right arm was missing and suddenly I saw her arm being completed. From her elbow new bones, tissue and muscles started growing like a branch of a tree. Something was pushing me closer to the woman until I could see her hand, fingers and nails grow completely new.

I wash deeply touched by what I saw and spent the following days thinking and praying about that dream. A few days later while being on my knees in front of my bed I saw the same image again but this time there was also a voice explaining it to me. “This is not a woman but my Church in Europe which has remained loving God and away from sin. In this time I have decided to restore the right arm that makes Church relevant to society”. Since I was not planning to stay in Europe, I asked “what does this have to do with me?” and God replied “it is not about you but about a generation I am raising to bring a renovation to Church and if you want you can be part of it. Do you want to?”.

Part of the reality of this dream is that God is restoring the right arm of Church, His power that is ready to be manifested and willing make Jesus relevant to nowaday’s society. God wants His Holy Spirit to overflow from every single Christian believer for the restoration of families and communities.

Followed by a Word “I will make you be like Saetas (sharpened arrows)” that was the call to serve God as a ministry. “Saetas” are a special type of arrow with a very sharp arrowhead. As we read in Is 49:2 “He made me a sharpened arrow, and concealed me in God’s quiver”, it is our desire to help many more to be sharpened and sent by God to the places that need His light the most.



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