How can I reach my workmates?

February 6, 2016

If evangelism is not your thing and you are the only believer in your office or class, but you still want God to touch your mates, this workshop is for you. We’ll share some tools that have helped us see God at work. We’ll also have a round table for you to be able to […]

Momentum 2015

June 18, 2015

Come, be equipped and encouraged to give your life for the Kingdom of God and find your place in what Jesus is doing around the world! You can expect life-changing testimonies, refreshing times of worship, specific workshops and concrete options for you to join the mission. Experience these 9 days with Saetas. Momentum = 6 […]

Conferencia Love Barcelona

June 19, 2015

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Sant Jordi – Jueves 23 abril, 15

April 23, 2015

¡Está llegando Sant Jordi vívelo de una forma diferente! Saldremos a las calles de Barcelona a llevar el amor a aquellos corazones que necesitan sanidad. Cada vez más hombres y mujeres se sienten frustrados por relaciones dañinas, carencias de la figura paternal, heridas del pasado, etc. Dios desea restaurar estos corazones. Aprovechando este día tan […]


July 18, 2015

 Manifesting His Kingdom: compassion and power in action. The purpose of this campaign is that you experience a Jesus-like lifestyle: being in intimacy with the Father through prayer and bringing the Kingdom of God on the streets. You will be encouraged and equipped to go back and impact your city. Here, you will learn how […]

Let’s Shine – Salida a Discotecas

March 13, 2015

¡Hola, famillia! Este viernes salimos a brillar a la luz de las discotecas y a compartir la vida y libertad que tenemos en Dios. Tú también puedes ser luz! Nos acompañan estudiantes de la Escuela Profética KINGDOM CULTURE de Estados Unidos. Te esperamos a las 23hr en la base de Saetas o a las 23:30 en el […]

Presencia – Sábado 14 marzo, 15

March 14, 2015

¿Qué es presencia? Un encuentro de alabanza y oración para estar en la presencia de Dios y recibir Su sanidad y Su libertad. Vengamos juntos al Rey, a contemplar su vida, a compartir la palabra y ser tocado por su Espíritu. Ven e invita a aquellos que tienen necesidad de sanidad física, emocional y/o espiritual. Juan […]

Evangelism Groups

Cada miércoles: Calle Aurora, 12. Bajos, Ext. 2ª Grupos de Evangelismo de 18:30 a 20:00 (Sin techo, evangelismo personal, zona de prostitución, evangelismo deportivo, servicio práctico al barrio, universidades)


After finally ending this great time in Holland, I drove 2,300 km on a last-minute missions trip to Poland. I am so thankful to God for making this trip possible. In Poznan I met a friend that really encouraged me a lot. She reminded me that she had had back pain for many years and […]

Who’d say that a company would give me a windshield?

Who’d say that a company would give me a windshield? A stone cracks my windshield, I take it to Carglass in Holland and they find out they can’t fix it… The man says: “We need to exchange it for a new one and that’s 400€, do you have insurance?” “No I don’t,” I answer. Then […]