About Julio

My passion and the priority of my life is Jesus. I was nothing and He gave me life. If it wasn’t for him I would have been dead before the age of 24. My calling is to build people up, to support them, and to fight alongside them so they can step into their God given calling. Jesus is calling people to grow in the Fear of the Lord, to grow in Holiness, to seek Wisdom, to manifest His Kingdom, to live by Faith, … and to love HIM fully.

I was not raised in a family that followed Jesus. I had spent years going my own way which lead to a destructive pattern of hard-core partying, alcohol, guns, and even gangs. Through a dramatic encounter with Jesus, God rescued me and started a mighty transformation in my life. The Lord grabbed ahold of me in February, 2003, and I discovered that God had an exciting and dynamic plan for my life. A group of young missionaries came to the Dominican Republic on the Logos II Ship in 2004, (Operation Mobilization), and I was struck by their vitality and passion. I enthusiastically joined them temporally in missions ministry. God then called me to an evangelistic ministry. For the next few years, I was asked to coordinate Missions Outreaches (with a Dominican evangelistic ministry) and to even speak at some of the outreaches.

I used to be a Civil Engineer and moved to Barcelona (2006) to get a Masters Degree in constructions and domotics, which I really enjoyed. However, in 2007, I had a dream. God showed me a woman dressed in shining white. She was beautiful, but her right arm was cut off at the elbow! I then saw a new right arm forming and being restored until all the fingers and nails were complete. I was shaken in my spirit. After days of prayer God spoke to me about the dream: “This is not a real woman, it is symbolic. She is my Church in Europe, that has continued to love me and has kept away from sin. She is precious and beautiful to me. At this time I have decided to restore her right arm. I am raising up a young generation that will bring a restoration and renewal to the Church, and the Church will then become relevant to society. Do you want to be part of this renewal?” This revelation was followed by a declaration: “I will make you to be like Saetas.” (“Saetas” in English means “Arrows.” In the Biblical sense they are the Arrows in God’s quiver that are used to strike the hearts of men). That was the call to stay in Europe and serve Him. After these powerful encounters with God it was time to step into full time ministry. After several confirmations, I was led to start Saetas in 2007. The more involved I became in ministry, the more I came to the realization that God wanted me to devote 100% of my time to Saetas and pour my undivided energy into this important work.

In 2009, I made the decision to leave my career as an engineer and in faith to rely completely on God to provide for my needs. Since this time I have been coordinating multiple outreaches all over Europe, and have been an invited itinerant speaker at events, conferences, home groups, and churches primarily in Germany, Holland, Sweden, Poland, Italy and Spain. This gave me more time to serve with Saetas, as well as Estudio1 and to start the Momentum Network, while continuing my itinerant ministry as a speaker. By August of 2011, due to my transient lifestyle and the manner in which God was indeed providing for the ministry and for my needs each month, I decided to store my belongings in a garage in Barcelona and have been traveling around Europe since then. In 2012, David Rhoton and I founded the LIFESTYLE School of Missions, which consists of an action focused & character shaping training program that works alongside Saetas.

My current focus is to further develop the Saetas ministry so we can continue to help believers come to a deep and intimate relationship with Jesus. Our purpose is to see people come to the knowledge of Christ and be set free, provide them with mentoring and discipling, and nurture them into becoming disciples of Jesus that are able to discover God’s unique design for their lives. We also desire to identify each person’s individual gifting, and equip them in this gift so that each one is able to shine the light of Christ in a special and unique way.

If you want to invest on the ministry, I am thankful for people who commit to monthly donations that will support our mission.

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